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  • 'VEGFRU' becomes a registered trademark in India for all categories of fruit and vegetable retail business. The name is an acronym derived from first three letters of fruit and vegetables.
  • Competent Agrisolutions Pvt. wound up now and have ceased to exist as per India laws. Competent AgriSolutions is now an individual firm managed by Anil Chopra and his team. Anyone representing himself as Director or employee of erstwhile Competent AgriSolutions Pvt. Ltd. company shall be doing at his own risk.
  • 21st century India represents a highly attractive market looking to expand their global sales. If you have an innovative product or technology or services to offer we shall support you spread your wings in India. Know more.
  • We are now shortly launching, a global platform to connect buyers and sellers of fresh produce products and services. Watch this space for more updates
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Key Business Areas - Competent Agri Solutions Pvt Ltd, a full service onsultancy cum supply chain solution company covering entire gamut of Food and Agribiz sector and sub-sectors with Fruit and Vegetable industry in India as main focus. Scope of our involvement covers following but not limited to:

Consulting Services

Technical, Advisory, Financial Services and Project Management

  • Project Report & Feasibility Studies
  • Technology, Audits, Process & Protocols
  • Bid processing, Aid, Grants & Subsidy, Bank Appraisals

Corporate and Business Strategy

  • Evaluating new business opportunities, markets, products, competition, cost structure optimisation
  • Evaluating organization strategies, capitalization, governance and management structure

Market Entry strategy and Market development

  • Identification of entry strategy
  • Product Mix
  • Pricing
  • Human resource structure / People selection
  • Distributor and local partner identification and evaluation
  • Preparation of business and marketing plans
  • Optimizing sales and marketing channels
  • Key account management. 
  • Market research and insights into customer perceptions

Financial and Joint Venture Planning and Setup

  • Introducing clients to domestic and international contacts and setting up joint ventures
  • Developing and implementing financial and management restructuring, and cooperative organization recapitalization

Turnkey & Project Management

  • Concept Design
  • Technical Services
  • Execution & Management

Opportunities and placement services

  • Help employers connect with talent
  • Help talented people find new opportunities within the Agribusiness space.

Marketing & Market information systems

  • Customised Fresh Produce Market Price Collection, Collation Analysis, Reporting
  • Trend Analysis
  • Market and Product Profiling
  • Trade Dynamics


  • Providing domain expertise in Agri portal design
  • Setting up alliances and relationships with allied service providers and customers

Product Development and Innovation

  • Concept development
  • Product positioning
  • Assessment of packaging, pack design and manufacturing technologies
  • Modified atmosphere packaging
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Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Fresh Produce Wholesale, Distribution & Marketing

  • Consumer segmentation
  • Branding
  • Developing trade and consumer advertising and promotion
  • Creating sales strategies
  • Establishing import and export programs
  • Establishing and operating Cash & Carry Fresh Produce Stores
  • Establishing and operating Fresh Produce Terminal Markets

Fresh Produce Retail

  • Complete backend planning and operations
  • Warehouse, Logistics & Distribution Planning and operations
  • Front end planning and operations

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Fresh Cut Business Operations for retail and Food Service Sector

  • Complete farm to market planning and operations (visit to know more about our expertise on this)

Operations Planning and Control

  • Evaluating procedures for growing, harvesting, post-harvest handling, warehouse locationing, facility design and ventilated transport design and distribution logistics
  • Budgeting and cash flow management

Strategic Sourcing – Fresh Produce

  • Implementing global sourcing and distribution including licensing agreement
  • Contract Farming & Sourcing

Post Harvest Management

  • Crop Storage
  • Processing
  • Construction of Post Harvest Infrastructure
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Market Entry and Market Development

Questions that keep you awake at night:

  • Where are the most exciting areas for growth, and how should we participate?
  • How can we create new rules and change the basis of competition?
  • What are the requirements to play in the new market – and what strategies will help us create strategic differentiation and competitive advantage?
  • What kind of technological innovations will open up new markets to drive growth?

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to ensure long term sustainable growth through the identification of entry strategies, product mix, and pricing and human resource structure.  Our expertise in the sector enables clear market opportunities to be identified and offering guidance on the application of these strategies in the dynamic Indian market place.
Our services encompass people selection, distributor and local partner identification and evaluation, preparation of business and marketing plans.
We also identify suitable foreign partners for our local clients.
Market Development

Through a broad sales and marketing experience we are able to advice on optimizing sales and marketing channels, sales forces and key account management.  Insights into customer perceptions are obtained through market research and staff discussions to translate needs into action.
We understand that for whatever reason, sometimes your business does not achieve the desired outcome.  We can evaluate the strategy and its execution and offer guidance on what action is required to fill in the pieces.

Services - New Market Entry Strategy

Identifying and pursuing new markets requires you to explore and play outside your traditional business boundaries. It calls for learning and decision-making about how to address new competitors, consumers, customers, partners, suppliers and other market dynamics - at high speed, and in unfamiliar territory.

Entering a new market with an existing product or service is hard enough - but introducing a new innovation into a new market is an even greater strategic challenge. Whatever the "white space", success depends on understanding the specific opportunities that lie at the intersection of consumer/customer needs, industry trends, and your ability to deliver.

Competent’s approach helps you make sense of the ambiguous, evolving industry landscape and the latent opportunities that lie untapped in the "white space". We orchestrate a creative yet structured process for exploring, identifying and selecting the best strategies for entering new markets.

Our approach often includes involving a hand-picked cadre of industry Thought Leaders from outside your organization who provide insight into new areas of opportunity. We also help you gain an understanding of the consumer/customer, the business model, and the tactical strategy necessary for entering - and winning - within a new market.