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  • 'VEGFRU' becomes a registered trademark in India for all categories of fruit and vegetable retail business. The name is an acronym derived from first three letters of fruit and vegetables.
  • Competent Agrisolutions Pvt. wound up now and have ceased to exist as per India laws. Competent AgriSolutions is now an individual firm managed by Anil Chopra and his team. Anyone representing himself as Director or employee of erstwhile Competent AgriSolutions Pvt. Ltd. company shall be doing at his own risk.
  • 21st century India represents a highly attractive market looking to expand their global sales. If you have an innovative product or technology or services to offer we shall support you spread your wings in India. Know more.
  • We are now shortly launching, a global platform to connect buyers and sellers of fresh produce products and services. Watch this space for more updates
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Company Experience - Competent Agri Solutions was founded by two senior agribusiness industry executives. Through their individual experiences while starting entrepreneurial businesses and managing verticals in large companies, they concluded that market-driven, industry-specific consulting assistance is unavailable to senior agribiz executives. They set out to fill this niche in the market by pooling their collective experience, learning by trial and error, taking risks and formulating innovative solutions. These industry veterans are now offering their hard-won and proven expertise to other executives and organizations.

Our Strengths - Having worked in close coordination with farmers, farmers' groups, private and cooperative organizations as well as corporations, National and International organisations, NGOs who are engaged in nurturing, assisting, promoting and managing Agri businesses, we aim to enrich the industry with our cross organizational / industry network, learning and experience.

Why Competent Agri Solutions?

  • Our rich and diverse experience, both on supply and demand side for agri commodities, practically all across major production and consumption centres in India, 

  • Our proven skill and expertise in preparing techno-feasibility project reports, commissioning and overseeing rural and urban market surveys for the sector and a large knowledge base acquired over the years while working with leading national and international agribusiness consultants over the years shall tremendously benefit you in planning and executing related projects.

  • Our sectorial experience and savings on trials and tribulations that we have already gone through at Agri Business and retail majors like the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Mother Dairy (Safal), Safal Market, Reliance Retail Limited, Subhiksha, Global Agrisystems, Dalal Mott Macdonald, KHDP, REI Agro (6Ten) -to name few -can come handy in planning, building and maintaining the food supply chain anywhere in the country or elsewhere.

  • Leadership and vision of your company coupled with our deep and wide exposure with Indian Agribiz and Food sector and our ‘out of the box’ thinking could greatly help in finding the gaps and opportunities for your Agribiz in the whole supply chain.

  • Our unique and diverse FMCG supply chain experience in a cool chain environment has not only widened our network and knowledge base but has also given us a confidence to locate cross sector opportunities and applications which would definitely help your company.

  • Our extensive network, coverage and relationships across India and abroad in production areas, consumption centres, bureaucracy, universities, corporate, cooperatives etc. etc shall obviously be put to good use for you wherever and whenever required.