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  • 'VEGFRU' becomes a registered trademark in India for all categories of fruit and vegetable retail business. The name is an acronym derived from first three letters of fruit and vegetables.
  • Competent Agrisolutions Pvt. wound up now and have ceased to exist as per India laws. Competent AgriSolutions is now an individual firm managed by Anil Chopra and his team. Anyone representing himself as Director or employee of erstwhile Competent AgriSolutions Pvt. Ltd. company shall be doing at his own risk.
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  • We are now shortly launching, a global platform to connect buyers and sellers of fresh produce products and services. Watch this space for more updates
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Overview - Indian food sector is undergoing rapid transformation. As the country moves on the path of development, agricultural sector evolves from traditional subsistence level farming to commercial agriculture producing high value and processed products. Strong macro-economic fundamentals (sustained economic growth rate of 8-9%) and the changing socio-economic scene are driving what was once a traditional, small-scale processed food production system into a modern industry aimed at catering to the evolving tastes and needs of discerning consumers.

Food sector has been given “priority status” and several measures have been taken to bring dynamism in the sector – liberalizing the sector by de-licensing, liberalising market laws, automatic approvals, tax exemptions, processing and imports of processing technology. Several schemes have been launched to enhance post harvest infrastructure – processing and packing houses for fresh produce, creation of Agri Food Parks, value added centers and irradiation facilities etc.

Come join the Food and Agriculture revolution in India with help of Competent Agri Solutions, expand or revamp profitable businesses in the process. Contact us to know more.

Our Business Approach - Competent lay emphasis on systematically infusing the Agri and food sector with advanced processes, technology, equipments for the enhancement of your agribusiness. In close coordination with you and your team, our dedicated professionals are deeply committed to provide you with cost effective quality solutions to improve your business outcomes. We liberally share our learning, experience and network while learning from you.

We believe in -

  • Nothing happens until there is a sale
  • Market driven supply chain (production, processing and marketing systems– not the other way round)
  • Being Customer oriented
  • Client's success is our success
  • Sharing knowledge and network for client’s benefit
  • Being honest and transparent at all times whilst respecting commercial confidentiality
  • Appreciating and respecting cultural differences and look for the best solution in a mix of various contexts
  • Listening, listening and listening before speaking
  • Suggesting cost effective innovative solutions
  • Conducting all business dealings professionally and to strive to improve personally and professionally at every opportunity.
  • Delivering more value than expected by clients

If you are interested in establishing new Agri business in India, increasing profitability and being able to compete more aggressively while managing your risks, contact us today.