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  • 'VEGFRU' becomes a registered trademark in India for all categories of fruit and vegetable retail business. The name is an acronym derived from first three letters of fruit and vegetables.
  • Competent Agrisolutions Pvt. wound up now and have ceased to exist as per India laws. Competent AgriSolutions is now an individual firm managed by Anil Chopra and his team. Anyone representing himself as Director or employee of erstwhile Competent AgriSolutions Pvt. Ltd. company shall be doing at his own risk.
  • 21st century India represents a highly attractive market looking to expand their global sales. If you have an innovative product or technology or services to offer we shall support you spread your wings in India. Know more.
  • We are now shortly launching, a global platform to connect buyers and sellers of fresh produce products and services. Watch this space for more updates
  • Become a food & agribusiness associate consultant for free. Join now.

Experience the benefits which come from owning your own Consulting Business!

If there is an IDEAL “white collar” business, this is surely it!

An Invitation to Join Competent Agri Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Are you:

  • a senior ex corporate from food and agri industry (like us)
  • an aspiring food and agribusiness consulting company
  • a qualified independent food & agribusiness or food retail professional working alone
  • a fresh food and agribiz graduate from IIMA, IRMA, NIAM, MANAGE, NAARM, IIPM, VAMNICOM or similar institutions embarking on rewarding consulting business as a career?
  • a practitioner with practical wealth of experience and network in agri sector

Would you like to increase your industry exposure, maximise monitory value of your time and carry out more of the work you really enjoy from a convenient location?

You can do all and more by becoming an Associate Consultant with Competent Agri Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

It is FREE. Join now and get the maximum value.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards the rewarding opportunity now available as an Associate Consultant with Competent Agri Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Who are you?

You may already be successful in a career, but realize you simply may not become financially independent working for someone else. You may be bored, unfulfilled in a job or worried over the insecurity and uncertainty of working for someone else. You may hear daily the news of some well known, presumed stable corporation downsizing, squeezing out senior employees or laying off thousands without warning.

Maybe you’re nearing retirement and eager for something to do that is both rewarding and profitable. Perhaps you are looking for an additional, part time income opportunity or a change to a new full time career.

May be you are fresh out of the college and want to make agri biz consulting a full time career or a seasoned agribiz practitioner with wealth of practical experience in any food, agri and retail functions who wishes to use his knowledge in help others and also make money in the process.

Whatever your motivation, Agribusiness Consulting as an Associate with us can provide the solution.

Does the following appeal to you?

  • Totally flexible hours
  • No territory restrictions
  • Home office with no overhead and plenty of tax benefits
  • Professional client development work
  • Respect and prestige
  • A potential six figure income while working part time

Consulting business is a high transaction value business, with big income potential from just a few clients. If you have been actively considering a variety of business opportunities, you may have discovered sizable flaws with most of them. Strict hours, not leaving any time for yourself, or being deeply in debt, high stress levels etc – to just name a few. But none of these ‘negatives’ exist in consulting business!

Become an Associate with Competent Agri Solutions

Join now and get the maximum value.

Competent Agri Solutions is creating an umbrella group to support food, agribusiness and retail professionals and consultants who subscribe to a common Code of Ethics and share common consulting tools, models and processes.

We combine sophisticated communications and Internet technology to increase your exposure so that clients can find you. Becoming our Associate starts with your profile entry in directory of consultants which is being built at our website. In addition, if you are experienced enough, you get a personal profile page, client list, testimonials etc., as well as a hyperlink to your own web site if you have one. This unique directory benefits from links with our Group sites, which are well established with a high Google PageRank and has good positions for the main activities; a link from the directory to your site will raise its search engine status. We may be in food and agri domain but we know how the Internet works. See how Wingify, one of our associate software companies, is helping the World optimize their websites.

Why build a business all on your own?

Working alone can be frustrating as well as lonely. Freelancer and consultants working independently often find their fees limited by their clients' perception of them as solo players.
You may be denied access to larger, more profitable assignments because you cannot field a full team and your ability to prospect and sell can be frustrated by the lack of support services. Who knows this better than us?
When we started in business there were four issues that confronted us: -

The biggest challenge was that there was nobody to talk to. In the early days we found that self-employment was lonely. Just at the time when we needed lots of advice and someone to bounce ideas off, there was no-one there. Later we built up personal networks and relationships with our clients.

Then of course, there were lots of things we needed to learn. Besides finding out how to set up a business, and all the new skills and attitudes of the new role, we needed specific consulting, marketing, sales and financial skills.

Thereafter, there was the challenge of finding work. Many people start well, calling on their existing network. It may have been easy to begin with, but soon you run out of contacts.

Finally, there was the question of managing money - How do you decide what to charge? What if client holds the payments or don’t pay fully for no apparent reason. It is not a worst case scenario. The sharks are all there.

Becoming an Associate allows you to partner with an organisation that has been gone through all these travails so you build on their experience besides getting professional support, whilst maintaining your independence.
Over the years we have developed projects, processes and techniques that now bring clients to us, including high profile National and International companies. So you Learn from our experience

Join now and get the maximum value.

Transparent revenue sharing

There are many ways to earn fees as an Associate Consultant. Our business model allows associates to earn commission from leads passed into the Network and to obtain work in your area of specialisation generated for you by other associates. Based on the total project fee, here is an outline: -

Qualified lead / Introduction



Qualification and sale of a Project but not delivery



Preparation and delivery of a Project provided by Competent Agrisolutions



Qualification, sale, preparation and delivery of a Project



Invoicing, accounting, administration of a Project for Competent Agri Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



Join now and get the maximum value